Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush Help One Tree Hill Fan Pull Off Epic Proposal

Alison Briggs was able to get engaged thanks to a few famous faces

By Mike Vulpo Feb 25, 2019 11:34 PMTags
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Now this is how you pull off a proposal!

When Alison Briggs decided to ask the important question to her partner Cydney Childers, she was hoping to incorporate their love for One Tree Hill.

So what better way to get engaged than with a little help from Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush?

"Ten years ago I discovered One Tree Hill and it changed my life. A lot of people don't seem to understand that, so I always tell them about how it comforted me in my darkest hours, and how it gave me a place to call home," Alison shared on Instagram. "But four years ago I joined the One Tree Hill fandom and met you, and now when I tell people about how One Tree Hill changed my life, I'll tell them about how it led me to you."

Oh yes, Cydney said yes and Hilarie and Sophia were on-hand to witness the epic proposal.

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"Today was an absolute dream come true. After months of planning and stressing and wanting the perfect proposal, it ended up being better than I ever could've imagined. THANK YOU SO MUCH @hilarieburton @sophiabush and @fwbcharityevents for helping me propose to the love of my life- I can guarantee this is a moment we will never forget," Alison shared with her followers. "PS it's hard to hear but I asked Hilarie what her favorite quote from the show is and (as planned) she said 'Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one.' #SHESAIDYES."

The romantic moment took place at a "Weekend in Tree Hill" charity fundraiser in Tree Hill, North Carolina.

And while it's perfectly clear Alison loved every moment of the proposal, Cydney was also thrilled at everything that went down.

"I've loved Hilarie Burton since i was 8 and she was in kahoots w my f--king gf for her proposal???????? to me???? what the f--k," she wrote on Twitter. "So the thing about me is that i am engaged now :')."

While speaking to E! News, Alison explained her love for the series. Cydney was also a huge fan and they quickly connected over their admiration for the characters and story lines.

"We would always gush over how the show impacted us and even playfully argue over who was a bigger fan. Soon enough, we discovered how much we actually have in common and fell for each other pretty quickly," Alison shared with us. "Now, we've been together for three years and have gone on dozens of trips to incredible places, our latest trip being Wilmington, NC, where Hilarie and Sophia helped me propose."

"It was a HUGE honor today to be a part of this beautiful couple's engagement!! Alison, thank you for including @SophiaBush and me," Hilarie later wrote on Twitter. "We are so happy for you lovebirds!!!!! Xoxoxo @FWBevents"

Next trip? The wedding altar, obviously!

—Additional reporting by Spencer Lubitz