Junie Shumpert Threatens to "Beat" Jason Voorhees During a Friday the 13th Glamping Trip

By Samantha Bergeson Sep 08, 2021 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Five-Year-Old Junie Is Not Scared of Jason From "Friday the 13th"

Watch out Jason Voorhees: Junie Shumpert isn't scared of you!

It seems like even a fictional undead serial killer can't faze Junie in a hilarious sneak peek at tonight's We Got Love Teyana & Iman, airing Sept. 8. Teyana Taylor, Iman Shumpert and their friends and family set out to have a luxe glamping vacay...on what seems to be the real-life Camp Crystal Lake

"I didn't know we were coming to Lake Lanier," Teyana tells her mom Nikki in the tent in the exclusive clip above. 

"What is Lake Lanier, where we are? What is it?" Nikki responds. 

Teyana simply warns: "Jason's here."

Junie is now curious, and asks who exactly this mysterious Jason is. "Jason from Friday the 13th," Nikki explains to her granddaughter. "I'm going to have to protect you from him." 

Yet, Junie knows she can take on anyone—even Jason! "I'm not going to be scared," she promises. "I'm going to be tough! I'm going to beat him." 

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In a confessional, Teyana and Iman can't help but laugh at Junie's outspoken determination.

"She's crazy. Stuff like this, you can't make up," Teyana jokes. "We would say so many things about Junie and people was like, 'Now, you good and well you told her to say that, you told her do that.'" 

Iman adds, "I can't even make that s--t up." 


Back at the campsite, Junie continues to threaten Jason. "I'm going to go kick him in their feet," she grins. "I'm going to kick him in the nose." 

Teyana just looks away and mutters, "Oh my gosh." 

Watch the hilarious clip above!