Tammy Gets the Worst Birthday Present Ever in Bachelor in Paradise Sneak Peek

Get an exclusive first look at the Sept. 14 episode of Bachelor in Paradise and see how badly Tammy's birthday plans end up going.

By Lauren Piester Sep 13, 2021 9:00 PMTags

It's not such a happy birthday this year for Tammy Ly.

The Bachelor in Paradise contestant was apparently hoping to celebrate her big day next to her man, Thomas Jacobs, but an exclusive sneak peek reveals that her plans are going awry. As it turns out, Thomas is still pissing off the ladies, as he did on The Bachelorette when he was accused of only wanting to be the Bachelor.

"No matter what happened last night, it doesn't change how I feel about you," Tammy tells him in the clip, referring to his date with Becca Kufrin. "I really like you a lot, and I feel like you are a great fit in my life, and you're my best friend." 

He may be her best friend, but she is not his.

"I don't want to steer you on in any way, because that's not who we are," he says. "I had feelings for someone else last night, and I didn't feel guilty about it." 


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"I gave him everything!" Tammy sobs in her confessional. "And it's on my birthday! That's even worse!"

Viewers could probably see this coming, given what a good time Thomas had on his date with Becca. The two were positively giddy when they got back to the beach, and Tammy feared she had made a big mistake by going after Thomas instead of her previous pick, Aaron Clancy

She was also disheartened to see a negative response to her on social media, and expressed her frustration on Twitter

"I feel so defeated," she wrote. "I'm starting to think that I'm trying to gain acceptance from an audience that was never right for me to begin with."


Hopefully things turn around soon for poor Tammy. We'll find out if they do when Bachelor in Paradise returns Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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