Here’s What Went Down When Shawn Mendes Ran Into Justin and Hailey Bieber at the Met Gala

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello met up with Justin and Hailey Bieber before leaving for the Met Gala, and the entire conversation has some TikTok users feeling "so awkward."

By Lindsay Weinberg Sep 16, 2021 11:55 PMTags

The award for most awkward Met Gala interaction goes to...

Whatever went down when Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello bumped into Hailey and Justin Bieber before they departed for the 2021 Met Gala on Sept. 13. 

The two couples happened to run into each other at a hotel before they left for the big event. Vogue caught the whole thing on camera while filming Shawn and Camila's "Get Ready" video, and it has fans on TikTok feeling "so awkward," especially knowing that Shawn and Hailey attended the Met Gala together in 2018, about five months before she married Justin. (Both Shawn and Hailey have maintained they were just "friends," despite rumors of a fling. At the time, she called him "super-lovely and a very, very nice young gentleman.")

Here's what goes down onscreen: Camila notices the Biebers first and smiles and waves. She walks over and says, "Hi, how are you? Good to see you!" After hugging Hailey, she hugs Justin and tells him, "How are you? Great performance last night. Killed." So far so good. 

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Then Shawn comes into the frame, hugging Hailey and then Justin. "Hey, bro. How are you?" Shawn asks.

Justin says, "Really good."


"Yes, sir." 

"Feeling good? You look good."


The "Peaches" singer comments on Shawn's Michael Kors Collection look, which included a leather jacket but no shirt. "Going with the no shirt vibes. I like it," he says. 

Shawn explains he's "trying to push it a little bit," and Justin teases that you've "got to flex" what you've got.

Hailey cuts the conversation off, saying, "I think they're ready. We'll see you guys there," and puts on her dark sunglasses. Justin turns to leave and tells the couple, "We'll see you guys. Love you so much." 

After goodbyes are exchanged, Shawn and Camila kiss before heading out to the Met. 

That's it. That's the whole interaction. But one TikTok user wrote that "the tension here is just too much." Another said they felt awkward "just thinking about their past." 

However, others found no issue at all with their small talk. One said, "If this is awkward thank god no one films my interactions." One fan pointed out that Shawn and Justin actually collaborated last year, releasing the song "Monster" together in November, so there's likely no beef between them.

"Honestly this is every 20 something year old interaction," another fan commented. In particular, fans found Justin's declaration of love to be "the cutest," and someone else said Shawnmila seemed "so sweet and polite." 

In fact, one person thought they "looked so happy together," writing on YouTube, "there is literally 0 bad blood. theyre all so mature."

Watch the interaction above, starting at about the 7:20 mark.

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