Eminem Surprising Fans With Mom's Spaghetti Is the Tastiest Treat

In celebration of his mother’s new Detroit restaurant, Eminem shocked diners by waiting tables. See what lucky guests had to say about the surprise.

By Mike Vulpo Sep 30, 2021 7:38 PMTags
Watch: Eminem Serves Customers at Mom's Spaghetti Restaurant Opening

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up and take our order?

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, Eminem made a surprise appearance at the grand opening of his mom's new restaurant in downtown Detroit. Appropriately titled Mom's Spaghetti, the establishment features the classic Italian dish with meatballs and even a s'ghetti sandwich for just $11.

According to The Detroit News, fans began lining up around 10 a.m. local time to be among the first diners to experience the food.

Around 4 p.m., the first dozen or so fans in line were able to be served by the one and only Eminem. "This has been my dream my whole life," diner Erin Farrer, 24, told the publication after meeting the Grammy-winning rapper. "I bawled my eyes out." 

While Eminem was not able to meet every customer, he was able to drive by hundreds of fans waiting around the block hoping to experience the sweet taste of Mom's Spaghetti.

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For those unaware, the phrase "mom's spaghetti" originally comes from Eminem's 2002 Oscar-winning song "Lose Yourself." 

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"His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy / there's vomit on his sweater already—mom's spaghetti," he rapped in the movie 8 Mile.

The famous dish was previously served at Coachella 2018, where Eminem made an appearance. And during the coronavirus pandemic, the rapper gifted health care workers at Henry Ford Health System Hospital a delicious meal.

"Our #HealthcareHeroes ‘lost themselves' in the delicious Mom's Spaghetti donated by Detroit's very own, @eminem," the hospital wrote on Instagram at the time. "Thank you for providing a special meal for our team members!"

So, who's ready to head to Detroit and place their orders?

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