Below Deck Med's Mathew Slams Captain Sandy in Shocking Season 6 Reunion Trailer

Captain Sandy is at odds with several crew members in E!'s exclusive first look at the Below Deck Mediterranean season six reunion. See Mathew Shea hurl an explosive insult at his former boss.

By Allison Crist Oct 14, 2021 7:00 PMTags
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Season six of Below Deck Mediterranean has been one for the books, and based on this exclusive sneak peek, the reunion will be, too.

In the first look, the Lady Michelle crew—sans Lexi Wilson, the former stew who Captain Sandy Yawn fired after she continually butted heads with the other yachties—rehashes the wild voyage, beginning with the revelation that Courtney Veale saw almost all of her fellow crew members naked at some point. 

Chief Stew Katie Flood sums it up well: "It was s--t show basically."

But with every fun recollection comes a reignited argument. 

"Did you realize you were losing Captain Sandy's trust?" host Andy Cohen asks bosun Malia White, referencing the situation with David Pascoe's injury. As fans surely recall, the accident went unreported, and when Captain Sandy learned what happened, she exploded on Malia like never before.

Malia says that she didn't want to throw David "under the bus," but we're not so sure Captain Sandy will be satisfied with her reasoning.

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Then there's the drama with chef Mathew Shea, who had quite the disastrous season between the infamous egg incident and his multiple departures from the boat. 

Seemingly addressing Mathew, Captain Sandy says, "Your Achilles heel is your own self."

But that's nothing compared to what Mathew adds later. 

"Sandy's one of the worst captains I've ever worked with in my 15 years on boats," he says, much to everyone's shock.

"You just don't know when to not talk," Captain Sandy fires back. 

Throughout the reunion, fans will also hear from Mzi Dempers, Lloyd Spencer and Courtney Veale, the latter of which Andy tells, "I want whatever you're having right now," as she slurs something or other about the crew's mysterious trip to Split. 

Will we finally learn about what went down there? Tune in to the reunion to find out!

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The Below Deck Mediterranean season six finale airs Monday, Oct. 18 at 9 p.m. on Bravo, followed by the reunion at 10 p.m. (also available on Peacock).

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