Is Terry Bradshaw the Next Steven Spielberg of Commercials? See His Hilarious Directorial Debut

By Samantha Bergeson Dec 14, 2021 4:00 PMTags
Watch: See the Bradshaws Shoot an Extra Spicy Commercial

Terry Bradshaw: NFL superstar, girl dad and now...the next Steven Spielberg?

An exclusive sneak peek at The Bradshaw Bunch, airing tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 15, captures the behind-the-scenes details of Terry's directorial debut for son-in-law Noah's new Hawaiian Chili Water. The steamy ad has plenty of spicy components, besides the chili pepper flakes, as Terry tries to direct daughters Erin, Lacey and Rachel to sell the seasoning product. 

Film at Erin and husband Scott's horse ranch, Terry jokes that he's "never directed anything" in his life, but has learned from being an actor. 

"Now, I've been in a lot of commercials so I've been directed by hundreds of great directors so I'm looking at myself as the Steven Spielberg of the chili water commercial," Terry says with a laugh. "Spielberg, Bradshaw. Sounds good to me." 

Terry's wife Tammy jokes, "I'll go buy my Academy Award dress soon."  

While filming, Terry instructs Erin to ask, "How hot is it?" about the chili water. 

Terry Bradshaw's Girl Dad Moments

Lacey joins in, "Is it cowboy-on-a-horse hot?" 

Rachel answers, "It's hotter," but none of the takes really are up to Terry's standards. 


"Smolder more," he guides Rachel, while Erin messes up her lines again. 

There's only one way to sum up this commercial: "So awkward!" both Erin and Rachel say in unison.

Watch the hilarious clip above to see for yourself!