How And Just Like That Said Goodbye to Willie Garson in Emotional Episode

And Just Like That’s episode on Dec. 23 had another shocking twist in the SATC saga. We are beginning to think that couture Kleenex might become a thing for all these teary goodbyes.

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Watch: Sarah Jessica Parker Honors Willie Garson in Touching Tribute

Spoiler Alert: This article contains details from the latest season two episode of And Just Like That.

Dear John, please stop leaving poor Carrie letters.

On Dec. 23, Sex and the City fans got another shocking surprise in the twisting saga of And Just Like That. In the episode "Some of My Best Friends," Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) took Mr. Big's (Chris Noth) ashes back to her old apartment—in a Barney's shopping bag she pulled out from storage.

Walking his ashes into her old closet she gently placed the remains on a shelf as she told him, "Just until I figure out where you really want to be." Somberly, she stepped into her bedroom and back into her new reality of being single again in the city.

Looking down at her nightstand, Carrie spotted a handwritten letter from BFF Stanford (Willie Garson) "Dearest Carrie," the letter began, "By the time you read this I'll be in Tokyo. I couldn't tell you without crying. And you have had enough crying."


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After reading the note, Carrie turned it over and looked down shocked, just as a knock is heard. Smoking a cigarette—yes, she is smoking again!— she opened the front door to find Anthony (Mario Cantone) there to fill in the blanks.

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As Anthony explained to Carrie, Stanford's sudden departure was to manage a 17-year-old TikTok star who's "huge" in Asia. It turns out, Anthony got a letter as well, but his was to serve up a request for a divorce.

The episode was simply the perfect tribute to Garson, who unexpectedly died earlier this year pancreatic cancer while filming the SATC reboot.

And Just like That's final goodbye to the man and the character was a sweet and simple dedication: "In memory of our beloved Willie Garson."

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