Go Inside the Fabulous Lives of the Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules Cast

By Allison Crist Jan 12, 2022 2:00 PMTags
Watch: "Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules" Celebrity Kids Meet Ranch Life

Living the good life.

Simply being born into a famous family comes with all kinds of perks: private planes, fancy cars, luxury estates—such is the life of a celebrity child. Many embrace the lavish way of living and some even go on to create empires of their own, but regardless, they all benefit from having a well-known last name. 

The cast of E!'s brand new series Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules is no exception.

However, none of that matters now. As part of the upcoming show, eight celebrity offspring are abandoning Los Angeles for a remote Colorado ranch where they'll take on a series of outrageous, messy and challenging jobs in an attempt to prove they're more than just their parent's children, and, more importantly, try and reopen the ranch after a year of shutdown and loss due to the pandemic.

To show just how much of an adjustment this will be for the cast—which includes everyone from Shaquille O'Neal's son to David Hasselhoff's daughter—we're taking a look at all eight stars' opulent lives.

Guess the Celebrity Siblings!

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E!'s Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules premieres tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 12 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. with two-back-to-back episodes.

Making the Big Bucks

Taylor "Tay" Hasselhoff doesn't just live in a luxury home—she sells them, too! The 31-year-old is one of Beverly Hills' top real estate agents. 


Warning: One look at Tay's Instagram may be enough to spark major wanderlust. When she's not showing million-dollar homes to clients, Tay can be seen traveling the globe—oftentimes with her fiancé, Madison Fiore.

An Unmatched Sense of Style

A singer-songwriter on the rise, Ebie can often be found in the studio or posting the tastiest of treats to @EbieEats. Regardless of what she's doing, you can always bet that she's going to be rocking an incredible outfit while doing it.


In case you were wondering, yes, Ebie's amazing sense of style extends to her swimsuit collection as well.

Home in the Hills

Spain, France, Greece, Italy—you name it, and Redmond Parker has probably been there. However, it's Beverly Hills that remains the world traveler's home.

Jet (Ski) Setter

Serial entrepreneur during the week, adventure-seeker on the weekend.

Relaxing Like a Royal

The oldest of seven kids, Jasmin Lawrence makes sure to take advantage of alone time when she can—especially if that means lounging in a gorgeous pool.

Going Out Out

Don't get it twisted, though—Jasmin loves a good night out, too!

Festival After Festival

As both a model and a DJ, Myles O'Neal is the real deal. His music career has taken him on tour and to several music festivals across the U.S.

Fashion Week Fun

Myles' modeling career has brought about equally incredible opportunities, like walking in Paris Fashion Week.

Living the Glam Life

Hana Giraldo documents much of her life as a singer and actress on her Instagram and YouTube channel, and boy, is it fabulous! Think fancy cars, exotic trips and the best of the best in fashion.

Private Jets Galore

Flying commercial? Nahhh, not these Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules stars. 

Cowboy in Training

A professional wrestler, Austin Gunn is almost always in the gym. But judging on this snapshot of him and a horse he said is named Stetson, he may have a future career as a cowboy.

Muscles & Mirrors

Being a wrestler requires lots of training...and plenty of ab pics, too!

On the Town

Nights out in Los Angeles? Harry James Thornton's down.

Shredding the Pavement

Harry may be a professional prop master, but his skateboarding is no stunt.

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