Here's How Audrina Patridge Slid Into Henry Cavill's DMs

The Hills: New Beginnings star Audrina Patridge revealed all during E!'s Down in the DMs. Hear what she had to say about Henry Cavill, Brody Jenner, a New York Yankees player and more.

By Allison Crist Dec 30, 2021 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Sneak Peek: Audrina Patridge Slid Into Henry Cavill's DMs!

Audrina Patridge is patiently waiting for her own Superman, although she did, at one point, slide into the DMs of the superhero himself.

The Hills: New Beginnings star admitted as much during E!'s Down in the DMs on Dec. 30.

"I did send Henry Cavill, like, a cute little face on one of his videos," Audrina recalled. "He posted a really cute funny video and I had to react to it."

Did the Justice League actor take note of the response?

Unfortunately not. "I didn't get a response!" Audrina shared.

That said, she has plenty of her own unread DMs, many of which are men shooting their shot. The first that come to mind? Several professional baseball players. 

"I remember one was from the Yankees," Audrina said. "This was two years ago because he was friends with Frankie [Delgado] and I asked Frankie, I'm like, 'Hey do you know this guy? He wrote me on Instagram.'"

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Frankie did indeed know the athlete, leading Audrina to ask, "So we should bring him on the show, maybe on a date?"

However, "it never actually happened."

"I lost the DM somehow," she added. "That's probably someone I should've responded to right away!"

Among the many other DMs Audrina receives, most are from fans of both The Hills: New Beginnings and the O.G. MTV series

"The most common Hills questions are always about me and Justin [Brescia]," Audrina told E! of her former on-again, off-again boyfriend, also known as Justin Bobby. "And even after the show ended, I went to one of Justin's shows and I posted him and everyone wrote me back, 'I knew it! You guys are not together! You're not with Brody [Jenner], you're with Justin the whole time!'"

"I was like, 'You guys, calm down,'" Audrina added.

She and Brody sparked romance rumors earlier this year after they shared a kiss on The Hills: New Beginnings and Brody admitted to E! News that they have undeniable "chemistry."

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Regardless of the speculation, Audrina and Brody continue to be good friends. She even revealed some of their DMs!

"I DM'd Brody and I had to send him this video of this dog," Audrina recalled. "I just sent it to him in a DM because I know he loves animals and dogs. I was like, 'You have to see this, we're dying right now,' and then he posted it on Instagram Stories."

Who else does she message back and forth with? Watch the full Down in the DMs episode here to find out.  

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