Watch Heather Dubrow Confront Noella Bergener in a Tense RHOC Sneak Peek

It's Heather Dubrow vs. Noella Bergener on the Jan. 12 all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Watch an exclusive sneak peek of their intense conversation now!

By Allison Crist Jan 12, 2022 5:00 PMTags

A reconciliation gone wrong. 

Heather Dubrow is eager to clear the air with Noella Bergener on the Jan. 12 all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but as this exclusive sneak peek shows, things don't exactly go as planned. 

The pair's conversation begins with Heather asking Noella why she called her "a fake bitch"—an accusation that's corroborated by a flashback of Noella doing just that—and to her surprise, Noella owns up to it. 

"I knew going into that lunch I was very raw," Noella says of the day she made the remark. "I was very emotional."

Continuing, the new RHOC star admits she "lashed out" at Heather, but only because she was so upset with her estranged husband, James. 

"So misplaced aggression?" Heather asks, to which Noella responds, "100 percent." 

Unfortunately, the conversation is far from over. Heather says she can let the "fake bitch" comment slide, but there's also the issue of Noella telling Gina Kirschenheiter that Heather can't be trusted. 

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Heather can't help but wonder why.

Noella then brings up Heather's now-infamous Nobu party, which was more or less ruined after she discovered that one of her guests had sued her husband, Terry Dubrow, and failed to ever mention it. 

"I was the one that called her after she left your house party," Noella says of traitorous guest Nicole James. "And then after she spoke with you, everything had changed. And that was a little bizarre to me."

"I'm just saying that I saw my girlfriend change based on a phone call that she had with you," Noella adds, insinuating that Heather told her "to drop any conversation of the lawsuit." 

Heather's response? "This isn't the way to start a friendship."

She attempts to continue, but Noella cuts her off.

"The start of our friendship was in your house with you slamming people against walls and yelling at people!" Noella says. "I heard it. I was right near the staircase."

However, in a confessional, Noella says she was told by somebody that Terry and Heather "were shoving somebody against the wall."

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Heather, for her part, apparently has no idea what Noella's referring to.

"What I'm getting right now is, like, Psycho vibes," Heather says in a confessional. "What are you f--king talking about?"

Watch the intense conversation play out in the above clip. 

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