Dr. Sam Griffith’s Dad Meets Her Boyfriend in Uncomfortable Good Sam Sneak Peek

In an exclusive sneak peek of Good Sam, Dr. Sam Griffith's (Sophia Bush) dad meets her boyfriend for the first time. See what happens next below.

By Jillian Fabiano Feb 22, 2022 8:00 PMTags

Well, that was awkward.

Season one of Good Sam, starring Sophia Bush and Jason Isaacs, is officially underway at CBS and things are about to get complicated. The medical drama follows Dr. Sam Griffith (Bush), a gifted heart surgeon who excels in her new leadership role as chief of surgery after her renowned boss falls into a coma. But when her former boss wakes up months later, he demands to resume his duties, while defying Sam's authority and challenging her medical expertise. And to make matters worse? The arrogant doctor, Dr. Rob "Griff" Griffith (Isaacs), also happens to be her father. 

And now in an E! News exclusive sneak peak, Dr. Sam's father, Griff, meets her boyfriend Malcolm (Edwin Hodge) for the first time and he isn't afraid to size him up. 

"Hi," Griff says as he walks up to Malcolm at a gala.

"This is the part where my dad is here with us, right now," Sam says uncomfortably.

"What are you doing?" she asks as her dad aggressively shakes Malcolm's hand. 

"I am checking out my daughter's boyfriend's handshake," Griff replies. "Tells you a lot about a man." 

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And it's all downhill from there as Griff continues to grill Malcolm.

"Tell me about your family," Griff says. "Well, I know about your dad, I just played golf with him...how's your mom? I'd ask you to say 'hello,' but she doesn't like me very much."

We assume Sam didn't like to bring boys home to meet her parents while growing up.


And if that isn't bad enough, the gala apparently gets even worse. 

According to the episode description, "secrets revealed at [the] fundraising gala for the hospital threaten to end a tenuous truce between Dr. Sam and her father."

Watch it all go down when Good Sam airs Wednesday, Feb. 23 at 10 p.m. PT on CBS.

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