Sophia Grace and Rosie Reflect on Life-Changing Ellen DeGeneres Show Experience

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Sophia Grace and Rosie shared their gratitude to Ellen DeGeneres as they prepare to visit her show one last time.

By Mike Vulpo, Alex Ross May 12, 2022 12:00 PMTags
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A goodbye to The Ellen DeGeneres Show isn't complete without Sophia Grace and Rosie.

More than 10 years after making their debut on the daytime talk show with a cover of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," the YouTube stars are reuniting with Ellen DeGeneres.

But before the pair stopped by the show for a farewell appearance on May 12, Sophia Grace, 19, and Rosie, 15, reflected on their countless appearances in which both viewers and celebrities alike fell in love with their pink tutus and tiaras.

"I was so little and cute so I got hugged and kissed a lot," Rosie, who was 5 when she first sat down with Ellen, exclusively shared with E! News. "I loved meeting Rihanna. She pushed me up and kissed me. Justin Bieber kissed me on the cheek too and I also loved running around backstage spying on other celebs like Jennifer Lopez."

For Sophia Grace, there is one guy who she will never forget interacting with on the red carpet after covering award shows for Ellen.

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"I saw Drake come in and I literally shouted out, ‘Drake! Oh my God,'" Sophia Grace recalled. "We had candy we were giving to all the celebrities and he just kept eating all of them. It's weird because he's just a normal person really."


As Ellen prepares for a new chapter of her life outside of daytime TV, both Sophia Grace and Rosie described a host who was generous to guests and provided opportunities.

Sophia Grace remembers Ellen surprising her on a milestone birthday with Selena Gomez bringing out a cake. Rosie is simply grateful that the talk-show host allowed her to explore music and be a positive role model for fans.

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"I hope one day our paths will cross again," she said. "Maybe on a beach in Santa Barbara, Calif., and I'll just say, ‘Hi Ellen.'" 

TV appearances aside, Rosie just released her new music video for "Safe in Your Love" and is focused on school and prom. As for Sophia Grace, she's working on her LoLo London fashion line and celebrating her new song "Little Things." 

"It's definitely about appreciating the little things in life," Sophia Grace teased about the track. "I feel like nowadays, a lot of people really put themselves down, especially girls because of social media and they feel like they have to be up to a certain standard. In reality, it's just about appreciating the little things and then you'll be much happier." 

And while The Ellen DeGeneres Show may be ending, Sophia Grace hopes viewers will be able to hold on to fun memories of the show.

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"A lot of people say that me and Rosie helped them through really hard times that they were having in their lives while we were on the show," she said. "It was just something that they could watch every day and make them happy. I would just like them to remember us how we were and know that we are literally still the same girls even though we're older."

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