Wait, There Are 3 Different Zorro Shows in Development

We hope you like when your masked crusaders come in threes. A new Prime Video Zorro adaptation is the latest in a line of projects centered around the famed vigilante. Get the details here!

By Daniel Trainor May 13, 2022 9:30 PMTags
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Get ready for a lot of creative sword work!

Elite star Miguel Bernardeau has been cast in Prime Video's Zorro, according to Variety. The reboot series is a modern take on the famed masked crusader, a fictional vigilante whose roots trace all the way back to 1919. 

Bernardeau's Zorro "will be shaped by relationships from his youth, love and disappointment in love which will forge his development as a character and reflect a kind of masculinity far from stereotypes," according to Secouya Studios, who is producing the show. 

The announcement got us scratching our heads a bit, and we asked ourselves: Why does this sound so familiar?

Well, as it turns out, this is the third Zorro adaptation announced in the last five months!

Wilmer Valderrama is set to star in a Disney live-action Zorro series. "I'll tell you this: This will be a Zorro for this generation," Valderrama said on The Drew Barrymore Show May 9. "And it'll be incredibly thoughtful with its origin story, and it'll be grounded in authenticity."

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Valderrama's Zorro is taking his crime fighting to the streets of Los Angeles.

"We're reimagining this Disney classic as a compelling period piece, set in Pueblo de Los Angeles, but told in a very modern telenovela style," President of Disney Branded Content Ayo Davis said in a statement, "with richly drawn contemporary characters and relationships set against the action, drama, suspense, and humor of the original, iconic Zorro."

And that's not all!

The CW also has plans for a Zorro series, this one with a female lead. The project, produced by Sin City director Robert Rodriguez, will follow "a young Latinx woman seeking vengeance for her father's murder [and] joins a secret society and adopts the outlaw persona of Zorro," according to Deadline. Rodriguez is co-writing the series with his sister Rebecca Rodriguez. The series not yet cast its Zorro.  

Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images, Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

In an interesting twist, Robert was initially attached to direct 1998's The Mask of Zorro starring Antonio Banderas, according to Deadline. He was even responsible for casting Banderas in the iconic role, which introduced the swashbuckling vigilante to an entire new generation of fans.

It's never too late to pick up the sword again. Just prepare yourself to see plenty of them!

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