Olivia Rodrigo Had the Best Reaction to Spotting Her Lookalike on TikTok

Do you get déjà vu? Olivia Rodrigo certainly did after she discovered that her doppelgänger recently attended one of her concerts. Read about her hilarious TikTok reaction below.

By Emlyn Travis May 26, 2022 8:10 PMTags
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Olivia Rodrigo is feeling some serious déjà vu

On May 25, the Grammy award-winning singer took to the comments section of a hilarious TikTok to share her surprise over a lookalike who had recently attended one of the Los Angeles stops on her Sour Tour.  

Taken aback by how much the girl in the video looked like her, the 19-year-old remarked, "No I thought she was me too." 

In the clip, Olivia's doppelganger can be seen channeling the singer's iconic soft punk style by wearing a lilac dress, black knee socks and a pair of boots. She completed her look with a pair of small sunglasses, multiple silver necklaces and two braids.  

"My sister after one person says she looks like Olivia Rodrigo," the user wrote on the TikTok. The video sees the lookalike attempting to conceal her identity as she walks through a metal detector, locates her seats, poses for photos and causes fellow fans to do a double take at the Los Angeles concert.

You can watch the full clip here.

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The user then captioned the post, "@Olivia Rodrigo I found your twin!!"


But Olivia wasn't alone in her surprised reaction to the video. In fact, multiple other TikTok users shared their astonishment that the girl in the clip wasn't actually Olivia, with one writing, "My brain can't comprehend this rn." 

Another user, who saw Olivia's "twin" IRL at the concert, commented, "I THOUGHT SHE WAS OLIVIA WHEN SHE CAME OUT OF THE BATHROOM AND I WAS GOING IN." 

And a third added, "It took me half the video to realize that its not actually olivia."

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