This Is Love Island USA's Most Shocking Recoupling Yet

The Aug. 4 episode of Peacock's Love Island USA featured the most surprising recoupling so far this season, as Chazz ditched his partner Sereniti for newbie Kat. Find out what went down.

By Lindsay Weinberg Aug 06, 2022 12:35 AMTags
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Three words that shook the villa: "Come here, Kat."

Chazz shocked Love Island USA viewers on Aug. 4, when he chose to recouple with newcomer Kat and leave his partner Sereniti in the dust. While ditching one girl for another is nothing new on the Peacock dating show, it came as a major surprise to fans for a few reasons.

While he admitted in a confessional that Kat is "perfect for me," he said, "Me and Sereniti have something solid forming and I can potentially put our relationship in jeopardy... I don't know at this point." 

After his first date with Kat, he told Sereniti, "At the end of the day, you are still a priority to me. I like where we at. I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know you still and building our foundation." 

But the next day, Chazz told Kat she looked pretty without makeup on and charmingly made her breakfast. And then he told Sereniti she looked "good as hell" in her bikini, reassuring her of his interest. 

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It got even more confusing when the time came for the recoupling ceremony, as his speech seemed to indicate that he was sticking with Sereniti, who he coupled up with after entering the villa with his sister, Bria.

Casey Durkin/Peacock

"I would like to couple up with this girl," he said, "because ever since I've been in this villa, I've had an undeniable connection with this girl." So far so good.

Chazz continued, "I believe this girl is one of the most beautiful girls I've seen in this villa. And despite the things that I've been through with this girl, I feel like this girl is going to be able to reciprocate the energy that I've been giving." Again, seems to show they have some history together, right?

"This was not an easy decision at all," he said, "but I do think this girl deserves to stay here in this villa and by my side, at that." 

And then he picked the girl he's known for a day, saying, "Come here, Kat."

The other Islanders had sharp reactions, with Courtney gasping, Zeta sucking in her breath and Jesse looking straight-up confused. Sydney clasped a hand over her mouth to contain her surprise. 

While there have been plenty of dramatic moments so far (that love triangle between Timmy, Zeta and Bria, for starters), this has to be the season's most surprising recoupling yet, with fans noting that his speech made no logical sense with his choice. 

Casey Durkin/Peacock

"The speech was definitely about sereniti and choosing Kat was a last second decision," one fan wrote on TikTok, while another noted, "It was obviously a last minute decision, maybe if sereniti had reciprocated some of the energy he gave her before that night he would've stayed w her."

Others made it clear that they can't back his decision. "IM SO MAD," said one fan. Another noted, "he should pack his bags already."

Watch Chazz's full speech above, and find out what happens next for Sereniti on Friday, Aug. 5 on Peacock. 

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