Under Wraps 2 Trailer Arrives Just in Time to Get Us in Halloween Spirit

Looking to get into the Halloween spirit? ​Under Wraps 2​ is coming soon to Disney Channel—See the first trailer!

By Vivian Kwarm Aug 12, 2022 9:45 PMTags
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Get ready for another spooktacular quest. 

Disney Channel is kicking off this Halloween season "by taking the fans on another spooky adventure." 

If you loved the original 1997 Under Wraps Halloween season classic​ as well as last year's remake, then this is for you. The new trailer, released Aug. 12, shows "even more mummies, more scares, and more fun​," according to Lauren Kisilevsky, SVP of Original Movies at Disney Branded Television.

The Under Wraps 2 trailer teases the usual haunts, with a blend of lighthearted and spooky ​scenes. In the latest installment, Marshall (Malachi Barton), Gilbert (Christian J. Simon) and Amy (Sophia Hammons) are on a mission to save "their mummy pal Harold and his beloved Rose" who are ​threatened by a new villain. 

This threat comes in the form of the evil mummy Sobek​, who has "a thousand-year-old grudge against his best friend-turned bitter rival Harold" and "is unexpectedly awakened and out for revenge". But these three friends won't let that happen! 

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According to the synopsis, ​Sobek kidnaps Rose "With help from his hypnotized lacky Larry. As a result, "Amy, Gilbert, Marshall, Buzzy, and Harold must use their skills once again to save her and get back in time to attend the wedding."

Who knew mummies were so wrapped up in being petty! ​

Under Wraps 2 also stars Claude Knowlton as Amy's father, Pop; Antonio Cayonne as Carl; and ​O.G. star Adam Wylie as Beuller, owner of Beuller's Jewelry.

Under Wraps 2 premieres on Disney Channel on September 25th and will land on Disney+ shortly after its premiere.

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