Jessica Alba's Dotted Makeup Hack Looks Bizarre But the Results Are Mind-Blowing

Jessica Alba revealed the makeup hack that gives her a natural finish in a TikTok tutorial that showed her dotting her face in a strategic way.

By Alyssa Morin Aug 30, 2022 7:23 PMTags
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Jessica Alba's latest makeup hack couldn't be more spot on.

The Honest Beauty founder posted a TikTok tutorial of the dotted technique she does in order to achieve an effortless look that feels weightless on the skin. Instead of layering makeup on top of each other—like foundation, concealer, blush, etc.—Jessica strategically applied the cream-based products at the same time in the areas she wanted them.

For example, she also tapped three dots of blush onto the apples of her cheeks, which were placed just right above the line of contour she swiped in the hollow's of her cheeks.

And before blending everything out, Jessica spritzed her face with her brand's Save Face Shielding Setting Spray. Next, and, this is biggest tip to keep in mind for this technique, she blended out the products from lightest to darkest.

Throughout the tutorial, the 41-year-old sprayed her face with the mist to help make the blending a lot more seamless.

Stars With Beauty Brands

Jessica revealed that she learned the makeup trick from beauty influencer Chloe Morellocaptioning her TikTok, "okay, hear me out … I know I look cray, but I think Chloe just #unlocked a next level #makeuphack!"

"Not only is it quick n easy," Jessica continued, "but the final natural & dewy look is a vibe."


Jessica has never been one to keep mum about her beauty secrets, especially when it comes to changing her routine during the summer to fall transition.

"Hydration is where it's at when it comes to my skincare routine," the Honey actress told E! News in September 2021. "For me, it is key all the time but even more so when the seasons are changing. In the fall, my skin tends to be on the drier side so I love to use The Daily Calm Lightweight Moisturizer as a base and then layer the Hydrogel Cream on top."


The mom of three explained that her routine is "all about multi-tasking over here for this mama."

"When I wake up, I slather the Prime + Perfect Mask on my face as I'm brushing my teeth," she said. "While it's doing it's magic, I'll have my coffee, make the kids breakfast, and as it's time for them to eat, it's time to rinse off the mask and apply my serums and moisturizers."

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