Jameela Jamil Was Inspired By This Iconic Pop Star For Her She-Hulk Role

Social media influencers weren't Jameela Jamil's only inspiration for She-Hulk's Titania. Find out which pop star's music helped the actress prepare for her role on the Marvel series.

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Watch: She-Hulk's Jameela Jamil Based Titania on Toxic Beauty Influencers

Jameela Jamil's dream She-Hulk: Attorney at Law cameo is also one of her character's biggest inspirations.

The Good Place actress is partially responsible for Megan Thee Stallion's iconic (yet brief) cameo on the Disney+ show's Sept. 1 episode, having recommended the rapper for the role to head writer Jessica Gao. But Jameela's ultimate Marvel cameo is another music superstar who helped her prepare for her role as Titania, the archnemesis of Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk's (Tatiana Maslany).

"Britney [Spears] was a huge way for me to get into character because she's just got such brilliant, feisty music," she said in an exclusive interview with E! News. "I trained listening to Britney the whole time, and I would listen to Britney when I was getting ready and listen to songs like 'Toxic' or 'Gimme More.'"

To Jameela, the pop star's music represents "confidence and such sass and such glamour and sex," all of which she needed to build Titania's character, joking that she herself doesn't "have any of those things."

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The 36-year-old has already shared some of her BTS fight training videos with fans on Instagram, but she's saving her favorite—which features her reciting the lines to "Work Bitch" while battling unspecified opponents—until fans see the fight go down later this season. (We know Marvel loves to keep their secrets.)

Britney wasn't the only inspiration behind the star's Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, though, as the show puts a modern-day twist on the comic book villain by making her a social media influencer.

"I just was able to draw from so many different examples of toxic influencers," she revealed, "especially beauty influencers, who sell nonsense to make money."

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And Titania did exactly that on the show's Sept. 15 episode by launching a cosmetics line called She-Hulk, only to be sued by the hero for using the She-Hulk name.

Jameela also noted that Titania's over-the-top personality and looks were intentional, as the show is a satire on both the superhero and courtroom drama genres.

"I wanted this character to look as though she'd had loads of makeup on and a lot of like augmentation of her face and her bottom," said Jameela. "She's got big butt pads that make it look like she's had bum injections. I'm not trying to shame anyone who's had those things. It's just more that she's selling beauty products as if those things are why she looks the way that she does."

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For fans hoping to see more of her character this season, Jameela teased that there's plenty more Titania/She-Hulk drama to come.

"I think Titania's just gonna carry on being a pain in the ass the way that she already has started being, and she's just gonna keep coming back for more," she shared. "She's just gonna keep pushing Jennifer's buttons in the hopes that she'll snap. But she wants to win, and she's not gonna change her mind anytime soon."

Hear more from Jameela—including which Marvel hero she'd love to see Titania go up against—in the full interview above.

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