Blake Lively Fights Off a Shark (and Still Looks Flawless) in This Intense Trailer for The Shallows

Movie thriller releases new sneak peek

By Kendall Fisher May 04, 2016 4:16 PMTags
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We've never seen Blake Lively quite like this before.

While the actress has shown us how to live forever in Age of Adaline, how to land a super hero in Green Lantern and how to survive the Upper East Side in Gossip Girl, she's teaching us something we never hope to use in her newest film: how to fight off a shark.

The Shallows trailer was released on Wednesday, portraying Lively as Nancy, a Baylor student who takes a surfing trip that almost costs her life.

Blake Lively Bares Her Bikini Body on The Shallows Set

You guessed it: she's attacked by a Great White shark while surfing alone. Though she's just a short distance from shore and only 200 yards away from her chances at survival, the feat proves to be the "ultimate contest of wills."

In the trailer, we watch as she battles time and time again to defeat the beast, and in just two-and-a-half minutes, we're already shaking with anxiety to see what happens next.


Lively began shooting for the film just 10 months after giving birth to baby James, and she looked amazing hopping into a bikini on set. They shot the film on Lord Howe Island in New South Wales, Australia, which is home to a mere 800 residents and limited to 400 tourists at a time—obviously, one of the most gorgeous locations in the world.

In fact, while filming on New Years' Eve, she posted the photo above, balancing on a rock with her shark-bitten body paint covering her leg. "No, I wasn't actually attacked by a shark. That definitely would've affected my 2015 ...and my balance #TheShallows #Movie #BehindTheScenes P.S. How rad did I feel for not falling off the rock for this pic..."

The Shallows will be released June 26.

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