Candice King & Paul Wesley Are Ready for Steroline to Be Happy on The Vampire Diaries (But Don’t Get Too Comfortable)

Exclusive: The actors dish on the CW hit drama's fan-favorite couple

By Tierney Bricker, Jean Bentley May 20, 2016 6:29 PMTags
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Candice King has been rooting for Caroline and Stefan (Paul Wesley) to get together on The Vampire Diaries for a while now. And while they had a brief stretch of happiness before, all of that went away when we found out Caroline was engaged to Alaric three years in the future.

But now, after two magical witch babies and a broken engagement (which Alaric was totally cool with), Stefan and Caroline are free to be together at last.

"It's happening! Caroline and Stefan, locking lips in the season finale! I hope that when we go back it's a good, happy healthy relationship for them both," King gushed to E! News on the CW Upfront red carpet after their swoon-worthy kiss in the season seven finale.

Reality check—that's not the way it works on this show. "But it's probably not going to be because that's boring to watch on television," she added.

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Paul Wesley told us almost the same thing: don't get too comfortable. "Everything's indefinite in that people get together, people reconcile, people fight, and it's all bound to change," he said. "That's what a TV series is so you can never quite plan on everything being perfect, peachy [forever]."

But that doesn't mean they're not thrilled that Steroline is together! "I am," King confessed. "I have been for a while. I love that it brings it back to the first episode where Caroline is flirting with him...I think it's really beautiful!"

It might've taken a while, but they're together and that's all that matters. "[It was] a very slow burn, and I love a good slow burn," King said.

As for what's in store in season eight, Wesley has a simple answer. "Stay tuned! That's the whole reason we watch—to see what happens."

The Vampire Diaries returns to Friday nights on the CW this fall.

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