Here's the Most Surprising Thing We Learned From Twitter's #BestPartOfThe90sWas Hashtag

Some of us may be too old to tweet

By Dominique Haikel May 20, 2016 8:24 PMTags
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Ah, nostalgia. We just can't seem to get enough, amiright? We're right, and you're welcome. #BestPartOfThe90sWas is currently trending on Twitter, and the tweets are just magical. Even we were reminded of things that we totally forgot about (good and bad). Anyone else remember their Nokia Snake addiction? How about your cringe-worthy screen name on AOL? ButterFlyChick1212? Get it. (Sorry in advance if that was anyone's actual SN). Perhaps the most disturbing part of this hashtag are the tweets that remind some of us just how ancient we're becoming.

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To those of us who were kids, tweens, or teens in the '90s, prepare yourselves. Maybe gather up some tissues and a Ring Pop to make you feel better. When asked what the best part of the '90s was, an alarming number of people had responses along the lines of "when I was born!" or "I was born in '98. *sad emoji*." We have to ask, are some of us becoming too old to use Twitter?! Before you freak out, the majority of posts were wonderful trips down memory lane, confirming that there are a few dinosaurs still using the social site. You'll see what we mean below. Enjoy! 

Who else used to take the whole thing out of the container and take a bite out it? Savage. 

MUDD OMFG. Also, who remembers Union Bay, L.E.I and JNCO!? 

For real. Why!? JK, it was hang-a-poster-in-your-locker hot back then. 

Oh God. We're old. 

So. Old. 


Back when they had non-sexist outfits! What a time to be alive. 

Other people did this too? 

Who do we have to bake cookies for to make these happen again? 

And! begged your parents for Buncha Crunch and Fun Dip at checkout. 

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