These High-Tech Beauty Devices Will Change Your Beauty Routine Forever

Smart brushes, talking mirrors & more!

By Alanah Joseph Jul 12, 2017 9:32 PMTags
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The world for beauty lovers is changing…for the better.

Technology is solving a lot of our common beauty problems with new, exciting products that sound like they came straight out of the Jetsons. Gone are the days of guessing whether a beauty product is working. Think you have split ends? There's a brush that can tell you for sure. Tired of buying the wrong foundation? Aren't we all?!

That's why were welcoming innovation in the beauty industry with open arms. Say good-bye to your beauty woos and hello to a new wave of beauty.

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This mirror will literally change the way you look at yourself. Its facial recognition software logs you into your personal account, where you can upload your beauty products, assess your complexion and track aging (Yes, it will actually tell you how many wrinkles you have on your face). If that sounds scary, don't fret, the assessment has nothing to do with how physically attractive you are. But, with the makeup lights, which you can set based on environment (i.e. sunset, dinner party, office), you can easily be the belle of any ball.

It's about the same price as a Playstation, and for the beauty obsessed, it's truly just as fun.

HiMirror Plus, $369


HiMirror takes it one step further, showing you what you can't see in a mirror. This scale links to both the mirror and the HiMirror app to tell you your weight, body fat ratio (BFR), body mass index (BMI), total body water, muscle mass, bone mass and basal metabolic rate (BMR), all while standing in front of your bathroom sink.

Smart Body Scale, $99


Introducing the world's first smart brush! Now, with a flip of your wrist, you can measure the health of your hair and effects of new hair regimens with the 2017 CES Innovation Award Winning smart brush. Once you've received your results via the mobile app, you can talk to a "hair coach" for next best steps. Even better: The app will predict how the humidity, temperature, UV and winds in your location will affect your hair —crazy, right?

Connected Brush


Parent company Shiseido and MATCHCo partnered together to make it a lot easier to find the right foundation with the bareMinerals Made-2-Fit Fresh Faced Foundation app for iPhone.

"This technology is a game changer for women of all ethnicities as it offers customized, bespoke shade matching capabilities that cater to all skin tones, so the number of shades it can formulate is limitless," Jill Scalamandre, President, Shiseido Makeup Center of Excellence, told Forbes. 

The app combines an intense algorithm, the Apple camera system and artificial intelligence (per a virtual makeup artist) to find the perfect foundation for your complexion. And, it's free!

Hint: Make sure you have good lighting!

bareMinerals MADE-2-FIT Foundation Makeup Match


Is your skin hydrated? This hydration meter can tell you. First, hold the product up to your skin (face, neck or hand), and take a measurement of its moisture. Then, the brand suggest applying the Oasis Hydrating Treatment or Cream, and measuring your skin again. There should be an instant increase.

MiLi Skin Moisture Meter, Now $47.20

Trophy Skin

You don't have to make any more microdermabrasion appointments thanks to this at-home machine. The machine helps to rid the appearance of wrinkles on the face, neck and chest. Participants also saw a reduction in pore size and softer skin after using the product for six weeks.

MicrodermMD Diamond Tip Microderm- Abrasion System with Body Tip, Now $179.90

The Sleep Styler

Shark Tank star Laurie Greiner was right to give this brand a chance. Thanks to this innovation "beauty sleep" will never be the same. Instead of cringing at the thought of laying your head on plastic roller, you can rest soundly with these soft rollers. The best part: The use of this product will greatly reduce the amount of heat you use on your hair. Put down those curl irons!

The Sleep Styler, Now $29.95

Congratulations, now you're at the forefront of the beauty industry! 

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